Service by NAC in decline

11th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: The service given by Nepal Airlines Corporation is declining. The flights that take off from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and the service that are provided to the passengers have not satisfactory. Among its two Boeing airplanes, one of them is on auction whereas another one under maintenance since 1 month at ST Aerospace Technology of Singapore, resulting in less number of flights in the Corporation. The service given by the corporation has degraded due to this reason.

In comparison to 2015, there was increase in number of passengers and the corporation was in first position in 2016. This was because of timely flight schedule of two airline companies and two airway bus services, but in 2017 the position couldn't be maintained and it was lowered to second position. As per the data from January to July, passengers have received more service from Jet Airways of India rather than the Corporation. Jet Airways has taken 2117 flights till end of July and has served around 267466 passengers. But at the same time, Nepal Airlines had taken only 1818 flights and served 230113 passengers.

In 2015, Nepal Airlines was at third position in attending flight and at 5th position for carrying passengers. Later in 2016, by defeating other companies it was able to stand in the first position. In the beginning of 2015, there were only two Boeing airplanes, later in February and April two Airbus airplanes were added. Then one of the Boeings was kept for auction resulting in the number of airplanes to decline. Also when another Boeing was sent for maintenance in Singapore there was decrease in market share, due to which the airline company rented an airplane but again as per law the airplanes older than 15 years were banned and the airplane rented from Bhutan was cancelled.

According to the spokesperson of the NAC Rabindra Shrestha, “In other countries when one airplane is under service another airplane is used in our country we can’t even rent an airplane. This is why business is declining day by day.” Currently the airline is taking flights to New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bangkok, Kualalampur, Doha, Hong Kong, and United Arab Emirates.

Previously, there was no flight in New Delhi, Doha, Mumbai and Banglore, and people had to travel in other international airlines to reach there. Due to the shortage of airplanes the company has been compelled to cut off some flights.