Seti River Gorge in Pokhara to be developed into a tourist destination

19th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Aug 19: Pokhara Metropolitan City has declared plans to develop the Seti River Gorge into a tourist destination. The Metropolitan Assembly decided in Friday to conduct a feasibility study to develop Seti Gorge as a tourist destination.
"The perception of the people towards Seti Gorge is not positive right now, it has developed a reputation as a place to commit suicide," said Chief of Ward No. 9, Ram Raj Lamichhane, "the metropolis will be conducting a feasibility study to develop this location of local fascination into a tourist destination."
The study will be looking into the potential issues in developing Seti Gorge into a tourist site, and the work that would involve in turning the location into a tourist destination. "The study will show if tourists can be lead to the gorge through foot tracks or other ways," said Chief of Ward No. 19, Shobha Mohal Paudel, "however, the gorge must not be left in its current condition. The metropolis aims to brand it and promote it internationally."