"Shanghai Week" promotes Chinese culture in NYC

10th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

NEW YORK, Jan 10: "Happy Chinese New Year - Shanghai Week" officially began on Tuesday in New York City, bringing a series of Chinese cultural events to local residents in this holiday season.

From Tuesday to Friday, New Yorkers will be able to watch Chinese films, TV series, an intangible cultural heritage exhibition, traditional Chinese cultural performances and many more.

On Tuesday morning, "Chinese Traditional Culture Performances by University Students in Shanghai" was staged at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Teacher-student arts exhibition teams from various universities in Shanghai invited New York audience to enjoy the unique and vibrant charm of Chinese folk arts and traditional culture through demonstrations, performances, and interactive cultural exchange activities.

Throughout the week, a total of seven films will be screened for free. On Tuesday afternoon, the film "Amazing" was screened at the Museum of Jewish Heritage with its director Hu Xuehua giving a talk to the audience.

Screenings of the remaining six films will take place at the New York Film Academy, and the lineup will include "Phurbu & Tenzin," "The Lost Tomb," "I Wish I Knew," "The Monkey King," "Legend of the Naga Pearls" and "Cock and Bull."

All films are in Chinese with English subtitles. The films were carefully chosen as they either have won prestigious awards in China or have been a box office hit.

In addition, SinoVision television network will air five documentaries and three TV dramas. The five documentaries offer glimpses of local customs and life in the far western part of China, Chinese food and drink culture, the country's celebrated cultural attractions, historical struggles, and the deep wisdom and insight passed down in traditions such as Chinese medicine. The three TV dramas offer a multidimensional portrait of modern Chinese youth culture and life.

In the meantime, the "Shanghai Flavor" intangible cultural heritage fair and the "Amazing Shanghai" photo exhibition, which will take place at Grand Central Station on Wednesday and Thursday, have gathered together a vast array of Shanghainese cultural treasures.