Sharma Panel Unveils Proposal To Change NATTA

9th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 09: With the election of the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) on the way, the panel led by Dipendra Sharma has revealed a 15 Point Proposal. The panel that issued a petition stating that NATTA has to be free from any political interference, revealed their proposal in a Special Journalists Meeting and Candidate Introductions Program organized in Hotel Annapurna on Monday.

The proposal revealed by President candidate, Dipendra Kumar Sharma, made public commitments to protect NATTA from political interference to advance the organization’s legislation, as well as holding airlines responsible to cover the economic strain falling upon ticketing agents for the ADM Deportees in the Middle East and renewing all the revoked licenses that the Tourism Department had revoked.

Similarly, the commitment to solve the problems of the area in coordination with tourist travel entrepreneurs, to form Work Groups with concerned authorities to solve the problems of travel, tour, VAT, and taxes; and to address the issues of tax convenience for both domestic and foreign tourists has been mentioned in the proposal. Along with these commitments, the letter also mentions promises to ease the problems with IATA, and it has also said to formulate programs to ensure the economic responsibilities as well as a modern building for NATTA.

The panel of applicants have also ensured to commit, should they win, to formulate long-term solutions for the problems faced by businesses in every aspect of the plan, as well as finalizing whether to remain within UFTAA or to maintain close diplomatic relations within UNWTO after most countries internalize that IATA and UFTAA are two sides of the same coin.

Similarly, the commitment to initiate the tourism industry with the help of the Nepal Air Force Corporation, Nepal Tourism Board and tourism department, to make it the State priority has been mentioned, as well as the commitment to make the NATTA Secretariat efficient, systematic and effective; adopting futility for the economic and issuing financial regulations to strengthen the fund of the Union that is nationally and internationally related to tourism. The priority is also placed on organizing at least 4 International Tourism Promotional Programs in order to strengthen the union of domestic and international organizations.

In the program, the General Secretary's candidate, Vinay Basnet said that he was standing for the post with respect and appreciation for the directions and principles of his organization on business incentive.

Speaking on the occasion, Bhola Thapa, former Vice-President of the NATTA Front, suggested that NATTA should be kept away from politics at every point, suggesting that the issue should now be clearly explained in the Constitution.

The panel under Dipendra Kumar Sharma was made by First Vice-President, Chitra Bahadur Gurung; Second Vice-President, Sangeeta Jirel; General Secretary, Vinay Basnet; Secretary, Sabita K.C. Bhattarai; Treasurer, Ram Shrestha; Co-Treasurer, Yuvraj Subedi along with members, Amrit Kumar Dhakal; Ravi Thapa; Raghu Pariyar; Santosh Chhetri; DP Aryal (Hari); Benju Shrestha (Chief); Geeta Dhakal and Binod Karki.