Shashwat Dham: Place that must be visited by everyone

29th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

Shashwat Dham is one of the spiritual paradises in Nepal. It is located in Nawalparasi district. Chaudhary foundation has built such a master piece of art, culture heritage and architecture .It took 16 years to build the Dham. The fine work of art at Shashwat Dham is so mesmerizing. The Dham has different sector of temple, meditation center, gift shop and fine restaurants. It was inaugurated by President Bidhya  Devi Bhandari on 7 march 2017.

My trip to Shashwat Dham was really amazing with the peaceful environment of the Dham. I really loved the environment and scenery of the place. I enjoyed looking the architecture of the temples. The Dham was so peaceful well managed and filled of fragrance of flowers. There was such a divine energy in that environment. I had a great time walking around garden around there. There are many temples of Lord Shiva, Durga, and Shree Krishna etc. It’s like a spiritual healing place which refreshes your mind and soul.

The fountains were really creative and attractive. I enjoyed worshipping lord Shiva, performing aarati and all. The essence of Shashwat Dham was pleasant.

The other fascinating thing was the pond that surrounded the lord shiva’s temple. It was filled with holy water like of Kedarnath, Mukhthinath, Haridawar etc. Lord buddha statues and light of peace was so mesmerizing. Each and every corner of the temple and Dham was so marvelous. The restaurants had pure vegetarian items and were so delicious. Everywhere there was smell of burning sticks which was so pleasant.

Overall, Chaudhary foundation has made such a remarkable Dham which is has spiritual importance.

Text/Photo : Grishma Rajkarnikar