Shawaran: Month spreading glory of Greenery

27th Jul, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

A beautiful country blessed with variations in culture, custom and religion is our own country Nepal. Nepal is considered as "A Garden of different Cultures". According to different religion, there is presence of different culture and in regard to different culture each culture and religion has different festivals. It is an amazing fact of Nepal that every month there are different festivals celebrated. No any single month is free without festivals.

In present context the fourth month Shrawan, the holiest month is in peak now. Shrawan is famous for its fact that many more festivals are celebrated in Shrawan and the festival already starts from its very first day known as Shrawan Sankranti. During the month of Shwaran, Women observe fasting in every Monday. Shrawan month is totally dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is mean as "The Transformer" among the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine. In Shrawan, devotees of Shiva visit to holy place of Lord Shiva especially the Baba Dham in India and Pashupatinath temple in Nepal. According to the Vedic Almanac, the star Shrawan rules the sky during this period so, it is called Shrawan mas. Shrawan month is filled with various festivals and rituals. According to mythological myth, during the month of Shrawan, Samudra Manthan had taken place.

While it took place, 14 different types of rubies came, among which 13 were distributed among the demons, except poison. Lord Shiva drank poison and stored it in his throat to rescue. His throat turned blue because of the effect of poison so, he is named as Neelkantha too. In order to lessen his effect of poison, all the God started offering the Ganges water to him. Since then, devotees of Shiva offer the Ganges water in Shrawan to earn punya.

The very first day of Shrawan has a festival called Shrawan Sankranti. On this evening of this day, people also celebrate Luto Phalne ceremony which is celebrated by burning wood and tite pati plant is thrown shouting take away scabies in order to be free from diseases. During the entire month, woman wear green, yellow and red bangles and also they put Mehendi(henna) on their hand.

Text: Hritika Khadka