Shivaratri at Pashupatinath Temple (Photo Feature)

1st Mar, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

Devotees are flocking to Shiva temples across the country, including the Pashupatinath temple.

Devotees had lined up for the darshan at Pashupati area from 3 am on Monday night. They have been waiting in line for a long time to visit Pashupati.

Pilgrims from various parts of the country, including neighboring India, have come to the Pashupatinath Temple. Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan had also reached Pashupatinath temple this morning.

According to the Pashupati Area Development Fund, Shivaratri, which was affected by the Corona pandemic last year, is grand this year. About 3,500 saints have come to Pashupati from India.

Photo : A.P Tolang