Shree Airlines serves passengers at lower flight fares

22nd Mar, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, March 22: Shree Airlines has announced that it will serve passengers at lower flight fares than the government has specified. They said he was going to provide such service to the passengers for a few days.

This announcement was made by issuing a press release. They said that they have lowered the price for the convenience of the passengers for two days. By considering the passengers who want to go to their homes outside the valley due to the fear of corona virus, they have decided to lower the air fare.

The government had specified the airfare of Kathmandu- Bhadrapur flight at 9,000 rupees but Shree airlines have decided to fly at 7,400 rupees. Similarly, the flights to Biratnagar was specified at 7,500 but Shree Airline has decided to charge only 6,100 rupees. Also, The flights to Janakpur was specified as 4,200 rupees but Shree Airlines has decided to charge 3,300 rupees. 

 'When the country is in trouble, everyone should face it together. We have announced that we will serve the passengers at a price lower than the government fixed fare, "said Anil Manandhar, Manager of Shree Airlines.