Shuklaphanta Wildlife Resort turned into National Park

6th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

MAHENDRANAGAR, Mar 06: Wildlife conservation of Province-7, Shuklaphant, has been converted into National Park in January 2018, which has attracted more tourists in the area.

"Primarily established in 1970 as a royal hunting zone, Shuklaphant was converted into Wildlife Reserve in 1975 and it wasn’t a tourist destination, it was only for wildlife conservation," said Warden Mr. Gopal Ghimire. Shuklaphant is an attractive tourist destination because it has specialties like being Asia’s biggest grassland with the area of 54.6 km and has 12 horned rhinos which is considered as the biggest herd in Asia. It is also home to vivid flora and fauna including 424 species of birds.

In March 2018, 2,093 tourists have visited the place. In 2016 there were very few tourists visiting the place. Tourists from Britain, America, Israel, Finland, Norway, Japan and India mainly visited the National Park. Tourism entrepreneur Mr. Paramananda Bhandari has produced different stay packages for tourist convenience like jungle cottage and homestay in the nearby Rana-Tharu community. He added, “Local efforts is not enough but the government should also contribute in tourism promotion of the place by the advancement of road networks, hotels, resorts and airways facilities.”