Siberian stork attracts tourists in Mahottari

15th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

GAUSHALA, July 15 : Mahottari’s Gaushala municipality has started witnessing Siberian storks with the start of the rainy season in Nepal.

The storks are seen in and around the Gaushala of the terrain region of Nepal with the start of summer and the monsoon season which whitens the area.

This type of migratory birds returns back to Siberia with the start of the winter in Nepal to escape the cold.

With the arrival of the Siberian storks the area in and around the Gaushala Police office is flocked with visitors as the trees around here are the place for the settlement to the migratory bird.

With the deforestation affecting the stay of the birds the locals here also have started the plantation of the saplings which tends to increase safe place for the breeding of the younger generation of strokes.