Signs of hope in tourism business seen after influx of tourists in Bandipur

22nd Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

TANAHUN, Oct 22: Entrepreneurs are excited after the influx of domestic tourists on the occasion of Dashain in Bandipur. On an average, more than 5,000 domestic tourists visit Bandipur daily. Domestic tourists have come to Bandipur in groups. Hotels, homestays and various guest houses are crowded with tourists.

Secretary of the Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, Basanta Poudel, said that the highest number of tourists came during the Dashain after two waves of Corona. According to him, it is difficult for domestic tourists to find a hotel in Bandipur.

Poudel said that the number of tourists has increased on the days of Fulpati, Nawami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi and Triodashi. He said that those who were not able to visit any places due to fear of corona have visited Bandipur with their families. He said that tourists have come to Bandipur to spend at least one night. He said that he believed that tourists would arrive here till Tihar. There are 77 hotels and restaurants in Bandipur.

Bandipur can accommodate 1,700 to 2,000 tourists a day. After the increase in the number of tourists, the workers and employees who went on leave have also returned to work. Bipin Pradhan, President of the Bandipur Hotel Entrepreneurs' Association, said that there was a sign of hope in the tourism business of Bandipur. He said that they are excited because of the increase in the number of tourists. Tourists come to Bandipur to see the ancient city, mountains and hills with Newari original culture.