Sindoor Jatra celebrated at Thimi (Photo Feature)

16th Apr, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

Sindoor Jatra is celebrated in Thimi of Bhaktapur Thrusday. The Sindoor Jatra, which is celebrated along with Biska Jatra is celebrated every year on Baisakh 2.

On this day, the locals go to the Balkumari temple to worship and offer sacrifices. On the same day, the idols of the gods and goddesses in Thimi and the villages around Thimi are placed in a khat and gathered at the Balkumari temple to sprinkle it with sindur.

After bringing khat from all over the place, the Sindoor Jatra is started by scattering sindur, circling the Balkumari temple and going around Thimi to celebrate the Jatra. The procession was stopped last year due to coronavirus.


Photo: Bivas Shrestha