Ski training in Kalinchok to promote tourism

12th Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

DOLAKHA, Jan 12: Adventure ski has taken place in the Kalinchok area of Dolakha after the snowfall. A five-day ski training and sports has also been conducted at Kuri in Kalinchok at an altitude of 3,500 meters, 150 km from Kathmandu.

Due to its proximity to Kathmandu and easy access to transportation, the Kalinchok and Shailung areas of Dolakha have been hosting skiing and training for some years now.

A total of 18 guides have been trained by the Nepal National Mountaineering Guides Association. This game, known only in Europe, started in Nepal only 6 years ago. International level coaches have arrived in the Kalinchok area themselves for training in a fun and adventurous sport in the snow. During the five-day training, they have also tested the 900-meter ski runway.

International Mountain Guide Chiring Jangbu Sherpa, who is also the General Secretary of the Nepal National Mountaineering Guides Association, said that Kalinchok area is a suitable place for skiing. He said that the local government should provide assistance for the construction of necessary infrastructure even though the place is suitable due to its proximity to Kathmandu and transportation facilities.
The Federation of Indigenous Journalists Dolakha welcomed the team of International Mountain Guide Sherpa in Charikot. Sherpa, who is also a board member of the Nepal Mountain Training Institute, complained that the concerned bodies have not been able to pay attention to the Kalinchok area ski hub.

Kalinchok is famous in itself. Religiously and naturally, the glory of Kalinchok is the same. It can be promoted as a ski hub even when it is still snowing or not. If you manage the snow here, it will be crowded with internal and external tourists.

Kalinchok is no less than the ski area of Europe, but tourism operators are concerned as public spaces in Kalinchok are being encroached upon and footpaths are being eroded.

Birodh Burlakoti, a guide and ski trainee, said that even though January-February is the off-season for tourism, if there is a place to ski, they will also get work. "Naturally, Dolakha's places are fun and tourist-friendly," he said.

The Mounted Academy is making a master plan to build a ski hub in Currie Village. Tea bars are also needed for skiers. This would not have bothered the skier who came down from the top. Sonamfuti Sherpa, a player and mountaineer, has demanded that a portable tea bar be set up as coaches and trainees get tired while playing ski.

The 6th Ski Level 1 training jointly organized by Nepal National Mountaineering Guides Association and Nepal Mountaineering Training Institute has been completed. Eighteen trainees participated in the training held in Kalinchok from January 2 to 9. The program was trained by four mountain guides accredited by the International Federation of Mountain Guides.

Board members of the Nepal Mountaineering Training Institute Chhiring Jangbu Sherpa, President of the Nepal National Mountaineering Guides Association Aang Norbu Sherpa, Pasangkaji Sherpa and Chhiring Pandey Bhote imparted the training. Nepal National Mountaineering Pathfinder Association and Nepal Mountaineering Training Institute have been jointly organizing ski training program every winter since 2015. In Europe, the ski championship was started in Norway in 1840. It snows from december to February in Kalinchok. Tourists from Kathmandu and India come to see and enjoy the snow.