Smuggling of the statues of Gumba continues

28th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 28: The smuggling of the statue of historical Gumba from is still being continued from the religious temples. Chief of Shey- Phoksundo Ward no. 4, Pema Gurung said that 42 pieces of statues of god has been stolen from the Gumba.

The villagers have suspected that the statues are stolen by local resident of the village. He said that this type of act is very shameful news for the people living together in the society. People of the villagers have kept the security guards for the security but they have not found any suspects regarding the smuggling. The villagers had kept the statueunder the ground to keep it safe.

Gurung said that the statues in the temples and Gumba’s   represent the culture for which people come to pray and worship but now it feels so empty and the Gumba  isworthless without the statue.

In main statues of Shey-Ghumbha , Re –Ghumbha , Mikhir –Ghumbha , Gakar –Ghumbha , Bone –Ghumbha ,Rahak –Ghumbha  have been smuggled . In last 3 years it has been found that 67 statues have been smuggled from Gumba.