Solar Eclipse takes place after many years (Photo Feature)

21st Jun, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

 A solar eclipse has taken place on Sunday, the day of Ashadh Krishna Aunsi. Although this eclipse ring (covering the whole sun) is a solar eclipse, only partial eclipse (some part) has been seen from Nepal. The eclipse in Nepal started at 10:55 am and will end at 2:24 pm.

According to classical beliefs, food is forbidden to anyone except children, the elderly and the sick from 10:50 pm on Saturday. During the eclipse, bathing, charity, worshipping, chanting, meditation, yoga and other deeds are considered auspicious.

It is mentioned in religious texts including Nirnayasindhu, Hemadri, Kalmadhav, Virmitrodaya that one should bathe in the nearby rivers, lakes, ponds and even at home if possible. According to Jayant Acharya, a senior astronomer and associate professor of astrology at Valmik Vidyapeeth, the sun appears to cover 88 percent of Kathmandu.

Even if the lunar eclipse does not affect the eyes, extreme caution should be exercised while watching the solar eclipse. The human eye is very sensitive. When light from the sun enters the retina inside the eye, a part of the retina is permanently destroyed and a person can be blind forever.

Photo : Dasrath Shrestha Beejukchhen