Solution still not visible in TAAN finance dispute

17th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 17 : The financial dispute of the Trekking Agency Association of Nepal is sure to extend further as the solution is still seen far.

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The dispute amongst the organization’s officials regarding the mobilization of the financial resources has affected the overall command and work efficiency of the organization. The TAAN leadership and the Finance Head have been debating over the issue of financial resource utilization.

Lilaballav Dahal, treasurer of TAAN has accused the chairman Chandra Rijal and General Secretary of misusing his signature while making the financial mobilization which he claims to be against the charter of the organization which demands for the agreement from Chairman or the General Secretary and the treasurer.

The chairman of the umbrella organization of trekking agents in Nepal has claimed of the provision which lets the signature of deputy treasurer to be used for the financial transaction and claimed to have operated an account in Sunrise Bank making application of the same provision.

TAAN treasurer Dahal has demanded for justifiable answer from the leadership otherwise has threatened to move the Supreme Court and the anti graft body, Center for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA)

Chariman Rijal has blamed treasurer Dahal for the disruption in the daily administrative and other works as he has blocked all the financial transactions. Because of the dispute over the finance inside the TAAN the daily administrative and other miscellaneous expenses including the trekking program of the staffs there has been halted.

The umbrella organization of the trekking agents in Nepal has about 16 hundred trekking companies registered in it. The two years tenure of the Rijal is about to complete by September this year but due to the dispute and internal conflict the registration of about 2 hundred trekking companies has been stalled.