Starred Hotels in Pokhara Booked to 80%

28th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Dec 28: Hotels in Pokhara are being booked at a fast rate by domestic as well as foreign tourists with the coming of the New Year. In recent years, tourist attraction in Pokhara has increased with the city acting as a chief destination during Christmas and New Year.

Five-star hotel of Pokhara, Pokhara Grande, is 85% occupied, with a great number of bookings taking place between 28th December to 1st January, said Senior Sales Manager Kamal Sherchan. He said that the hotel is currently accomodating 80% foreign tourists and 20% Nepalis.The hotel has organized live music, gala dinner, and different cultural programs focused on the New Year, said Sherchan.

Another starred hotel of Pokhara, Hotel Shangri La, informed that most of its rooms are packed for New Year. Most of the rooms have been booked between December 28th and 1st January, informed Room Division Manager, Gupta Bahadur Giri. The hotel is organizing live music and gala dinner for the New Year, said Giri. He also added that they are offering one couple a door prize of two-way Kathmandu-Thailand tickets.

Similarly, the three-star Hotel Barahi has also been 80% occupied, while 95% of the rooms have been booked from 28th December to the New Year, informed the hotel manager, Rajkumar K.C. The hotel is organizing a gala dinner and inviting popular artists Shiva Pariyar and Mina Niraula for the New Year event. Various artists will also present live music on the day.

President of the Western Regional Hotel Association, Bikal Tulachan, said that in recent years, most of the hotels in Pokhara have tended to be fully packed near the New Year. While starred hotels are almost fully booked, 60 to 70% of other hotels have been booked for the New Year and the New Year Eve, said Tulachan.

In the past, tourism business-owners in Pokhara’s lakeside area used to close shop for the New Year, visiting places like Goa for the holidays. Some 19 years back, Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN) began organizing street festivals in the area with the aim of developing Pokhara as a destination to celebrate the western New Year, establishing the current culture.

The street festival organized by REBAN is expected to pull around 500,000 domestic as well as foreign tourists, said REBAN President, Chau Bahadur Gurung. The festival is expected to see more than 250 million rupees in trade.