State 1 unveils plans for tourism development, targets 700,000 tourists in 7 years

9th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 09: The state government has focused in the tourism sector and has targeted to bring in 7 hundred thousand tourists in State No.1 within 7 years. The state government is going to spend large amount of money to make this successful.

[caption id="attachment_2297" align="alignnone" width="914"] The State 1 government has unveiled plans to research in the possibilities of cable car from Fungling-Pathibhara, Dharan-Bhedetar, Jayaramghat-Haleshi and Suryakunda-Baraha routes to increase the number of tourists.  Similarly, the state government is also conducting research to operate cable car in Phapalu-Miklajung and Aantudanda-Manglebare-Maipokhari routes.  With the help of federal government they have plans to upgrade Biratnagar Airport and to conduct flights to Patna, Kolkata, New Delhi as well as Bangladesh and Dhaka.[/caption]

The state government has also included the maintenance works of Dharan, Udaypur, Dhankuta, Pachthar and Teherathum Airport in their policy. They also have plans to construct Sagarmatha, Makalu Barun and Kanchanjunga National Parks. Also, the tourist destinations like Fikkal of Illam, Kanyam, Shriantu, Namaste Stream of Dhankuta, Bhadetar, Manche, Rajarani Lake, Tyamke Maiyu of Bhojpur, Milke-Jaljale and palace of King Birat are being repaired.

The state government is also planning to research of the possibilities of Paragliding, Canoeing, Bungy Jumping, rock-climbing and prospects of rafting in Arun, Tomar, Dudhkoshi and sunkoshi. The state government is going to spend 890 million rupees in this fiscal year to develop the infrastructures.