State 4 to keep official records of tourist numbers

8th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 08: State 4 will be keeping official records of tourists with the start of the new economic year. The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of State 4 will be keeping official records of the tourists entering the state, with help from Nepal Police, informed the Tourism Minister, Bikash Lamsal.
The record will be kept in 3 main categories including those coming in through air route, roadways, and those who entered the state on foot. This will be the first official effort at keeping record of tourist numbers. Tourist numbers in the Pokhara area has been produced on the basis of estimates until now, with the record for 2017 being that 40% of the 1 million tourists entering the country have come to Pokhara.
Minister Lamsal has also informed that the popular Fulbari Resort, which has been closed for some 15 months, has also been instructed to start operation again within 6 months. Province 4 has also declared an ambitious plan to bring in 2 million tourists by the year 2020. The aim has been broken down into different promotional focus for each year leading up to it, with 2019 being the domestic tourism year, 2020 focusing on promotion to neighbouring countries India and China, and starting worldwide promotion in 2021 with the starting of Pokhara International Airport.