State government starts process for upgradation of Biratnagar Airport

24th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 24: The state government of Province 1 has started process to upgrade the existing Biratnagar Airport to international standard. The state government has already requested the central government to add 1500 meters to the airport runway towards the west.

Chief Minister of Province 1, Sherdhan Rai, has informed that the state government has already corresponded with the central government to increase the runway 1500 meters towards the west. The plan is to increase the runway to total 3000 meters in length. Rai said that the central government has agreed to provide 70 bighas of land required for the upgradation of the airport. Company Real Part has been assigned the job of conducting the feasibility study for the project.

According the the Civil Aviation Authority, Biratnagar, process has already been started to take over 4 bighas of land to the east of the airport. 450 million rupees required for the acquisition, out of a total of 700 million, has already been received from the central government.