State government to turn historical Ratna Temple into museum

16th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Aug 16: The Gandaki state government has decide to turn Ratna Temple situated on the bank of Fewa Lake into a museum. The government plans to open the temple to the public and develop it into a tourist attraction.

"We are planning to allow the tourists to observe and study about Nepal's history and the day-to-day lifestyle of its rulers by turning Ratna TempleĀ  into a museum," informed the State Tourism Minister, Bikash Lamsal.

The Ratna Temple and associated Himagriha has been under the responsibility of the Nepal Trust. The buildings used to act as the winter palace to past royal families. Locals had been demanding for the property to be turnedĀ  into a museum as a historical symbol of the Shah royal family.