Steamer Service Eases Way for Internal Tourists at Shaligram Shila

28th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

PARBAT, Dec 28: The launch of steamer water transport has eased the way for internal tourists visiting the biggest shaligram shila at Kaligandaki. The number of tourists visiting the location has increased drastically with the arrival of steamer service.

The steamer service was brought to the lake formed by the formation of the Kaligandaki A Hydropower dam by Kaligandaki Water Transport Entrepreneur Committee.

Internal tourists from different districts visit the place for observing and studying the shaligram shila and for the novelty of experiencing the steamer water transport. In recent times, the place has become a destination for educational tours. The people have been operating steamers made of wood using truck engines to provide tours of the lake. One can travel the 7 km stretch of the river for as less as Rs. 100 in half an hour.

The service was put on hold during the monsoon due to strong water current in the Kaligandaki river, but was resumed as the water flow returned to lower levels. The number of people using waer transport has decreased in the last three years with the construction of the Harmichaur-Purtighat road, the number of internal tourists using the service for recreation has been increasing. The service sees daily customers in the form of students from the district.

The steamer service was brought by the efforts of local entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting tourism in the area. The service covers an area of around 7 km on the waters of Kaligandai from the dam of Kaligandaki A hydropower project situated in Syangja, Mirmi, to the popular religious place Setibeni Bazaar situated at the meeting point of Parbat, Gulmi, and Syangja. The steamer service runs through the slow-moving Kaligandaki river in a gorge providing gorgeous and enjoyable view to visiors. It has also allowed the price of daily commodities to drop as transport through the steamer service is cheaper than through road vehicles.

More than 400 students visit the area to visit the Mirmi project and visit the shaligram shila through the steamer service. In recent years, indian tourists have started using the service for pilgrimage to the shilas as well.