Stockpiles for the pilgrims to Gosaikunda

20th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: The process of stockpiling food materials for the pilgrims on the way to Gosainkunda has completed.

Gosainkunda Mela or fair falls next week this year when thousands of pilgrims from various parts of Nepal flock to the sacred lake to worship Lord Shiva.

Pasang Ghurmi Tamang, an entrepreneur in Chandanbari, on the way to Gosainkunda has stocked lentils, rice, salt, oil, noodles, biscuits, beaten rice and other food items that the pilgrims requires during the pilgrimage.

He claims that he has supplied and stored food essentials that can be used for over 15 thousand pilgrims. He also informed that the construction of the temporary shelters is underway in the area which will ensure no pilgrim has to face the problem with shelter.

Gosainkunda lies at the height between 14 Thousand 100 feet's from the sea level.