Summer arriving door steps Northern Migratory birds' departure signals

3rd Apr, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: The Northern migratory birds have returned to their home signalizing the approaching summer in Nepal. The birds came to Nepal's capital Kathmandu and other wetlands six months to spend the winter season in Nepal.

Every year nearly 150 species of migratory birds arrive in Nepal from China, Mongolia, Korea, Siberian region of Russia and Central Asia.

Out the 150 species, green sandpiper and common greenshank, among other species, come to Nepal immediately after the onset of winter. The time span of mid-September to mid-October is the peak migration time of birds.

During this autumn migration, some special birds pass through Nepal.

One of these is the highest flying migratory bird — the bar-headed goose — which is known to cross the mighty Himalayas on its journey to and from its summer and winter quarters.

Meanwhile, with the beginning of the pre monsoon season Eurasian koel and other types of koel have arrived in Kathmandu Valley from southern India and as far as South Africa. With the beginning of summer, migratory birds have started flying to Nepal for breeding due to easy availability of food.