Surkhet- Kathmandu direct flight service launched

9th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 09: Nepal Airlines has launched direct flights along the Surkhet-Kathmandu route. Nepal Airlines Corporation has launched a flight having 18 seats from Surkhet to Kathmandu on Sunday.

A few days ago, Buddha Air had done a test flight through the 47 seated aircraft at the Surkhet airport. Buddha Air is preparing to fly the route from April 14. While there was lack of direct flight service citizens were compelled to attend the flight from Nepalgunj.

Initially, Nepal Airlines has launched service to fly only every once a week. According to Nepal Airlines, the flights will be added as per the flow of passengers.

Surkhet station manager of Nepal Airlines, Chetan Timilsina, said that the craft will be flying at every week from Kathmandu- Surkhet at 7:00 AM and Surkhet-Kathmandu at 9:00 AM on Sunday morning. He said that as the state government starts the tour of Karnali-Rara the flow of the tourists will also increase and we will also increase flights. "We have started service, and we are checking the passengers' journey for a few days," he said, "We will look forward to increase the flights as the number of passengers increases."

Currently, the fare for the Kathmandu to Surkhet has been set at Rs. 7,400. Similarly, for Surkhet to Kathmandu, the fare has been set at Rs. 7, 500. An 18-year-old ship called 'Double 12' is also going to be assigned this route. By launching the flight, the authorities are also planning to establish an airport for big airships in Surkhet district.