"Taalpokhara" in Rampur of Palpa, a synonym for "Fewa Lake"

14th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

PALPA, Oct 14 :  Taalpokhara in Rampur has got the synonym of Fewa Lake in Pokhara as it is gaining footholds with the increasing popularity.

Anyone who visits Rampur reaches Taalpokhara for its glimpse. Tourists have become the center of attraction after the transformation of lake situated in Rampur Municipality-6, by collecting water during rainy season which reflects like the Fewa lake of Pokhara.

Some local youths here in the Taalpokhara visualized it as a tourist area and through development it has now become the destination for tourists in Rampur.

“There is an increment in group of people visiting to observe and enjoy from morning to evening. Taalpokhara, located at about 70 ropani area, was just as pond to collect water at first. With envision to become a pillar for the touristic future of Rampur through its development and promotion, it has been successful to develop it as a tourist area,” said Devraj Devkota of Taalpokhara Conservation Committee.

According to President Devkota, the amount for tourism development of Taalpokhara was collected by conducting Mahayegya under the leadership of youths and support from locals.

"In the future, Taalpokhara will become a spinal for tourism promotion of Rampur just like Fewa Lake in Pokhara," he said. There is a growing trend of internal tourists coming here. He said that more than 100 internal tourists visit Taalpokhara area every day.

The tourism promotion process has been started since 2009 A.D. A temple has been established at the centre of the lake, mirroring the Fewa lake.

Accountant Puruswottam Dhakal informed that the construction of wall around the temple have made 3 entrance door for the worshipping, water drainage system, park construction, arrangement for marriage, bratabandha, Picnic and entrance for the lake has been completed. So far, task of nearly 11 millions rupees has already been completed.

Dhakal said that after the management of water for long-term and construction of wall around the lake, there has been preparation for operating boats. He also said that all other works will be completed within 2 years.

Bharatraj Devkota, the Chairman of the committee, informed that Rampur Municipality appropriated one lakh rupees for terminal purchase in the financial year 2015- 016, one lakh rupees for construction of Taalpokhara gateway in year 2016-017 and 3 lakh rupees in year 2017/018 for Taalpokhara tourism promotion.

There will be a large income every day, by arranging to operate boat in Taalpokhara for conducting worship in the temple as well as facility of boating around the lake. After the commencement of boating, daily, thousands of tourists have been targeted.