TAAN delegation meets with CEO of NTB

9th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 09: A delegation from the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) visited the CEO of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi, on 7th January. The delegation led by President Nava Raj Dahal had a brief introduction with the C.E.O Joshi.

President Dahal commented during the meeting about the long relationship between TAAN and NTB. TAAN’s objective being promoting mountain tourism, NTB and TAAN have been working together to promote tourism in Nepal. The delegation appreciated the support of NTB for joint activities like Travel Fairs.

Discussion on the meeting included the issues of Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS). They raised the voice upon check post at Langtang and Khumbu Pasang Rural Municipality to re-open the TIMs check post. Another discussion was upon TIMS fund which is frozen at NTB. The delegation requested NTB to release the funds for the welfare of trekking workers who become victims to different disasters.

The delegation also stated about the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between TAAN and NTB which was signed earlier. They appealed NTB if possible to review the MoU or sign a new agreement on the operation of TIMS. As TIMS‘ funds has been classified as worker’s welfare fund and joint-fund, the delegation requested  NTB to support TAAN for organizing programs like Joint Lhosar Cultural Program, constructing porter shelter at Dharmashala, maintenance of trekking trails and International Travel Mart in Nepal.

CEO of NTB, Deepak Raj Joshi had a positive response towards addressing the issues raised by the delegation, mainly regarding releasing the frozen TIMS funds for the welfare of workers who were victims of different disasters and mishaps. He assured that the TIMS fund must be utilized for constructing porter shelter, trekking trail maintenance and rescue.

Regarding the MoU which was signed at the beginning, the fund was divided as 33% for TAAN, 33% for NTB and remaining 33% as a joint-fund. The second MoU included the division of fund as 30 % for TAAN, 30% for NTB and remaining 10 % for worker’s welfare, said Joshi.

C.E.O. Joshi has prioritized TAAN to bring innovative programs like Technical Mart focusing adventure tourism, which will facilitate tourism entrepreneurs by linking Nepal with other countries for the promotion of Nepalese tourism.

President Nava Raj Dahal, Senior Vice- President Khum Bahadur Subedi, 1st Vice -President Jeeban Thapa Magar, 2nd Vice- President Nil Hari Bastola, General Secretary Ang Pemba Sherpa, Secretary Sujan Lamichhane, Treasurer Ram Krishna Timalsina along with Executive Members Suk Bahadur Lama, Jeeban Lama, Mahesh Kumar Budha, Dolma Tshering Tamang Sherpa, Gopal Shrestha, Ritu Gyamdan, Purna Kumar Shrepa and C.E.O. Tek Bahadur Mahat, Media Officer Subina Manandhar and Photographer Pemba Sherpa were present in the delegation.