TAAN Felicitates New NTVA Board Members

15th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 15: Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) felicitated the new Board Members of the Nepal Tourist Vehicles Association (NTVA) on a program conducted on January 12th.

TAAN President Nava Raj Dahal felicitated the NTVA President Ram Saran Karki along with the team on behalf of TAAN Executive Members and all member companies. President Dahal said that Trekking is not possible without vehicles to reach the targeted destination. He made NTVA aware about the problems faced by tourism business. He expressed a wish for all tourism associations to work together to request government to change polices to facilitate tourism industry. He also spoke about the issues faced by NTVA like traffic, parking, custom fees and road permit.

President Dahal requested NTVA to provide good conditioned vehicles along with drivers having good communication skill in English as well as presentable dress up and behavior. He said that if one organization acts badly, it will affect the entire tourism industry. So, he requested to work jointly with all the tourism associations in order to uplift and flourish Nepalese tourism in future.  He lastly congratulated the whole team and wished them for their successful tenure.

NTVA President Ram Saran Karki thanked TAAN for the warm felicitation and spoke about the issues of high custom rate. “Tourism being common business of all, we must carry out effective works that will help to nurture the Nepalese tourism in whole world,” he said.

President Karki said that huge amount of custom duty must be paid to government due to which the service charge also increases. This will result in difficulties in competing with other countries. He requested TAAN for maintaining and expanding the road if possible. Due to the worst condition of road, there is more probability of getting worst condition of vehicles. He said that tourism associations as a whole need to go hand in hand in order to deduct custom charges.

President Karki was also against those who run business in an illegal way where they are performing without license. He request to call meeting on all board members of different tourism associations to work out an effective way to boost number of tourist in Nepal. Earthquake and blockade affected the Nepalese tourism very badly that concluded to shrinkage flow of tourist. He wrapped up thanking TAAN for the tremendous gesture assuring to work hand in hand for the development and promotion of Nepalese tourism.

The new NTVA board includes President Ram Saran Karki, 1st Vice-President Tilak Lohar, 2nd Vice President Kailash Karki, General Secretary Kul Prasad Neupane, Secretary Prakash Sapkota, Treasurer Sankha Narayan Maharjan, Executive Member Kaji Thapa, Pratikar Karki, Bharat Timalsina, Shambu Prasad Khakurel and Anil Moktan.