Tarigaun Airport to operate 3 flights per week

2nd Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

DANG, Nov 02: Tarigaun Airport will now operate 3 flights in a week. Previously, Nepal Air Corporation used to operate 2 flights in a week from Dang- Kathmandu but now it will be conducting 3 flights in a week.

Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister, Rabindra Adhikari along with the Parliament member of Dang; Metmani Chaudhari, Chief of Sub Metropolitian of Tulsipur; Ghanshyam Pandey, Commercial Director of Nepal Airlines; Tanka Nidhi Dahal, Commercial Department Director; Sanjay Panta and Deputy Director; Sabina Shakya discussed to conduct 3 flights from Tarigaun Airport.

Commercial Director of Nepal Airlines; Tanka Nidhi Dahal said that the corporation which conduct flight every Monday and Friday will now have flights on Wednesday and the flights will be scheduled from later half of November stated the officials and also stated that it is feasible to operate daily flights as demanded by the locals in future.

NAC had flown to airport till 2 decades ago but couldn’t operate consistently due to fuel shortage. By the late 90s, NAC, Yeti and Sita airlines conducted a flight per week and continued for 6 years. Then the airport was closed for 4 years for the blacktopping project.