Tasting Lucknowi Food

16th Jun, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: 14th of June marked the start of a nine day long ‘Lucknowi Food Festival’ in Kava Restaurant of Fairfield by Marriott. The festival will last till the 22nd of June. It showcases a wide array of Lucknowi delicacies ranging from different types of Biryanis to curries from all of Lucknow.

Like every time this food festival invites a celebrity chef, this time from Lucknow, Chef Qureshi who specializes in Awadhi food. The motive for this food festival is to introduce the magic of rich culinary delights to the guests and to provide memorable gourmet dining experience. A very clever touch from Kava restaurant by placing stalls which featured chefs who were very artfully prepared starter snacks which were a delight to eat and watch being cooked. Before dining guests were served magical cultural performances by Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre which made the experience even authentic.

The colours of Lucknow captivatingly dazzled all over the venue. All of us at Tourism Mail suggest you to go and try.