Teaching to Reuse: The Bajra Café

22nd Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: The earthquake of 2015 damaged and ravaged many structures in the valley. Now the people are in confusion over what to do with the leftovers of their mega or mini structures. The Bajra café in kings way or the Durbar Marg can be the source of inspiration and knowledge regarding the reuse of those left overs.

… and … started the café with the name “Bajra” with an organic theme of using the left over things or those materials which are generally termed as unwanted or disposed things. The Bajra Café is the perfect combo of the reusable things which can be the apple for your eye.

Let’s start with some significant features of the café:

The GI Pipes:

Nowadays the GI pipes are being replaced with the introduction of other pipes which last long. After replacing the GI Pipes what really you do with the left over? Simply throw or sale those off but the Unique Themed Bajra Café have used it to make the showcases in the kitchens.

Empty Beer bottles:

Beers consumed highly in the time of festivities, get together and other times is thrown away which increases the environmental hazards and indeed pin into your foot and animals paws. Here in the Bajra Café those beer bottles are used for decoration purpose. The lights are inserted into the bottle and then hung down. When you switch on the light it gives you a eye catching view.

The Tables:

When you talk about the tables in the Bajra Café they are made of heavy metals and woods. The woods that used as table are not the new one; they are the old windows and the doors that are thrown away. Now go up and construct the table using the doors and windows which you are thinking to burn up or let it decompose in your backyard or pavilion.

The theme of the Café:

The Bajra Café which has the unique features of using the thrown out things have another salient features to the people who love to hang out with friends, with a girlfriend and for the family too. The Café can give a mental pleasure with the themes it has. The café has focused on the lights to please the people eye who are always prone to the UV rays and strong light around the city.

The blues:

When we talk about the blues you often come up with your favorite singer and track. Sometimes you don’t like to sit in the café because of the sounds which keeps you disturbed and increase the anxiety. But the blues played in the Bajra Café will biund you up with it’s soft and pleasing sound, also you will enjoy reading the quotes of famous people and inspirational quotes written over the walls.

The Cuisines:

The Bajra Café provides you the organic cuisines prepared using the products from own farm. Wait a second, you might have thought the organic cuisines will cost you more or is terribly expensive then you are wrong it will provide you the organic dished free of MSG at affordable and reasonable price. The Bajra Café has got separate menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner which suit your budget. If you are going to the Bajra Café then don’t forget to try the dessert and the chocolate favored items, the taste will hang in the tip of your tounge.

Name of the Café:

Finally, you might have a question about the name of the Café, why this café is named with Bajra? Bajra which is related to Buddhism covers all the religions, as it covers all the religion the café also address the need and desire of all the people, from the small Children’s to the Elder Citizens throughout the globe.