Technical evaluation to be done for approving new aircraft

26th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 26: The Airline Company has added the policy that the airlines will have to evaluate the technical competitiveness of the company before adding the aircraft.

A study will be conducted on the basis of availability of pilots, engineers and other manpower and result of flight security audit. Then only the process of adding aircraft will move forward.Only a company will be able to purchase new aircraft only after detailed assessment of the ability to operate a variety of aircraft.

The new Company will not be able to bring 'Wet Lease' plane to get certificates. Dry Lease and Wet Lease are the two types of plane in the aviation region. Dry lease comes under renting the plane by company whereas wet lease means renting both aircraft and pilot. According to this policy, the company will not be allowed to rent aircraft and pilot.