Tension runs high while pulling Bhairab chariot

11th Apr, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, April 11: At least five persons were injured in a scuffle ensued while pulling chariot of Bhairab in Bisket Jatra that begun in Bhaktapur on Monday.

Among the injured are Deputy Superintendant of Police Saroj Khatry, ASI Ambika Lama, police constable Laxmi Malla, Saroj Silpakar of Bamshagopal and Sanjeev Madhikarmi of Kamal Binayak.

Injured DSP Khatry is taken to the Police Hospital for intensive treatment while other injured are being treated in Bhaktapur Hospital. The situation grew nasty when the exchange of stones that occurred since 9.00 pm today is still continuing.