Test flight of Y12e aircraft to Lukla successfully conducted

26th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 26: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) on Tuesday successfully conducted a test flight of its Chinese-made Y12e series aircraft to Lukla Airport after 6 months.


NAC had scheduled to carry out a test landing of its Chinese made Harbin Y12-E to Lukla Airport but the plan failed due to the lack of Instructor Pilots. NAC Engineering Dy. Director stated that, “We have all set and the instructor pilots also agree to have a test landing at Lukla Airport”.

The aircraft is being registered with the 9N- AKS. A test flight was conducted from Kathmandu- Lukla with the group of pilot and engineers. The carrier has also planned to conduct test flights to Simikot, Rara, Jumla and Dolpa airports on Wednesday.

The NAC will provide details ranging from how many passengers the aircraft can carry at various temperature, wind, and altitude conditions and more on all the airports that it intends to fly to using the Y12e.