“Thakali Home stay” opens in foothills of Muktinath

31st Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 31: Are you planning to go to Muktinath as monsoon resists? Then you will enjoy your trip this year. Thakali Homestay’s are set to welcome you in the foothills of Muktinath which will be economical and facilitate your stay.

Nepal Tourism Board’s CEO Deepak Raj Joshi inaugurated the homestay in Mustang’s Gharapjhong Village Municipality in Ward no 5, Thalo Thini. This ward has 110 homes with homestay in 5 of them.

The Thalo Thini which is regarded as the land of origin of Thakali Community and the initiation of homestay in the area is for the economic development as Muktinath is just 24 Kilometers away from the homestay destination.

NTB’s CEO Joshi also acclaimed that the Thini Villages beauty have attracted himself and praised the peoples initiation to start the local hospitality service.

“The enthusiast shown by the people has impressed me a lot. We are ready to lend a hand to further flourish and develop the place but a joint effort will be required for it,” Joshi said.

The peoples in the locality also are confident that it will attract the people who comes on trekking in Annapurna and Muktinath Region.

“In our homestay the cost for the bed will be two hundred Nepali rupees only and two hundred fifty rupees for the lunch or dinner,” President of Thakali Community Homestay San Prasad Thakali said. “We will serve guests with local cuisines as Scalp Bread, Salt Tea, Dhindo, Champa, Yak’s dried meat or dried apples,” He added.

The locals are in plan to increase the capacity with the increase in the flow of the tourists as it also is known as the capital for Snow Leopard as they are seen over times.