Thamel and Durbarmarg providing 24 hrs Service

13th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 13: After the restoration of peace, the government has decided to open tourism area Thamel and Durbar Marg area for 24 hrs from 31st July 2018.

Assistant Chief District Officer of the District Administration Office, Basudev Ghimire, said that preparations are being done to open Thamel and Durbar Marg area for 24 hours. Due to lack of proper preparations the government couldn't amend its plan previously.

The district administration office and the Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality have purposed this plan under the improvement plans.

The market will be opened with full service and safety to the locals and businessmen, "he said," It will help to facilitate the tourists as well as it helps to promote tourism." Ghimire has proposed to Chief District officer Kedarnath Sharma to open Thamel and Durbar Marg area for 24 hours.

Assistant Chief District Officer Ghimire said that they are discussing with businessmen, merchants, locals and security personnel for opening the market to meet the criteria. According to him areas of Jainpal Street- Kesar Mahal Street - Lainchaur- Manang Hotel Street- Sorakhutte- Chetrapati Street- JP street- Jyatha Street- Jamal- Krishna Paurati- Kathmandu Plaza will be opened for 24 hrs. In the following areas Entertainment service, Hotels and Guest House, Department Stores, Vehicles service, Banks and Medical Stores should be opened.


CCTV Cameras should be installed in following mentioned areas to maintain the peace and harmony. This plan will play a great role in promoting tourism of the country.