Thamel tends to become modern tourist city

8th Dec, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan City has initiated to repair Kathmandu's top tourist area, Thamel's drainage and sewage.


In initiation of Thamel construction committee, Kathamndu Metropolitan City has issued 86 lakhs rupee to repair drainage and roads. The residents of Thamel have started to face of problem of deluged roads sice long. The most popular tourist area of the capital is becoming more and more vulnerable all sorts of disaster. The drainage and sewerage gets blocked time and again as they have become old and the authorities have not tried to repair them for several years. Now it seems the problem will be sorted out when drainage provisions are clean and well maintained.


The budget includes black topping the road of Narasingh Chowk, A One Business Complex and Golkupaka chowk. The president of the construction committee, Prakashnarsingh Rana says the budget will be spend on road of road of Baishali Hotel and Amrit Marga as well. With financial support of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Thamel construction commitee plans to make Thamel modern tourist city. According to committee, 5 crore 10 lakhs budget will be issued for the maintainance of entire ThamelĀ  road and drainge channel .