The First Women Journalists Everest Expedition 2018 : A Profile of Rosha Basnet

21st Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: 29-year-old Rosha Basnet from Morang is a member of the Women Journalists Everest Expedition 2018 (FWJEE18), currently training rigorously to climb Mt. Everest in the coming May. She is currently working at the Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), an authorized news agency of the government. She has completed her MA in English and Literature from Tribhuvan University.

Basnet is the original member of the FWJEE18, who came up with the idea of women journalists climbing Everest and using the platform to raise the voice on burning social issues, including promoting gender equality in Nepal’s workplaces. In the past, she has been involved with different media organizations including the Chinese news agency Xinhua and the Korean news portal Ohmynews. She has also worked in different non-journalistic endeavors but found her true calling to be in the journalism sector.

After working as an editor at RSS for over three years, Basnet found herself tiring of the sedentary lifestyle and craving for something that would allow her to get out, explore the nature, and the hidden lives of Nepal.

The idea behind FWJEE18 was formed around the beginning of 2017 when she met with a fellow female journalist who had recently returned from a trip to the mountains. She was strongly influenced by her peer’s experiences and realized that something similar was exactly what she needed. The team comprised of Priya Laxmi Karki (News 24), Kalpana Maharjan (Mega Television), Rojita Buddhacharya (Nepal Television) and Deuralee Chamling (freelancer) was formed by June, 2017. Five months later, they had managed to climb Mt. Yalung Ri and Mt. Ramdung in their training to climb Everest.  

The endeavor is a means for Basnet to challenge herself both physically and mentally, something daunting that would allow her explore herself fully and express her convictions, literally from the top of the world. By succeeding in the final endeavor, she wishes to debunk the stereotypical notion that females are not capable of undertaking challenging or risky responsibilities or cannot perform under pressure.

She is working towards the aim of climbing Mt. Everest while fully working for her convictions. Throughout her journey and climb, the team intends to continue their duty as journalists by gathering and communicating the stories from the mountains to the rest of the mainstream world. The team is planning to livestream their Everest climb and blog about their experience throughout the journey. In this manner, Basnet hopes to stir and steer fellow media persons to get out and get first-hand accounts to educate the public of the stories that are yet untold. “We will be holding the pick-axe in one hand and a pen in the other,” she says.

Following the Everest expedition, she intends to travel the length and breadth of Nepal and abroad countries with her teammates, in a journey of informing, educating, empowering and inspiring woman and facilitating them to foray and explore careers in media and communication sector. The journey, she says, would be a way to serve the greater purpose of her life and to give back and contribute to society.