The most thrilling Adventure Tourism Product Of Nepal??

1st Feb, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew


Are you an adventure seeker and a traveler? If yes, Nepal should be on top of your bucket list. There is a plethora of adventure places in Nepal and you will be highly impressed with the variety it offers. The adventures range from average to extreme and covers all – land, water and air. These blood pumping and heart racing adventure activities are hosted with adequate safety measure too.

Are you ready to challenge your limits by gathering courage to visit these adventurous places in Nepal and indulging in the thrilling they offer? If yes, here are my top 10 thrilling adventure you can experience in Nepal:

  1. Bungee 
  2. Sky diving 
  3. White water rafting 
  4. Rock climbing 
  5. Jungle Safari
  6. Paragliding 
  7. Mountain biking 
  8. Zipline 
  9. Cave exploration 
  10. Stand up paddle boarding.

Among my top 10 list, Recently I experienced world’s second highest bungee in Kusma. Here is my experience shared.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of the most popular adventurous activities. The world’s second-highest, most exciting and thrilling Bungee Jumping lies in the Kushma Parvat district of Nepal. Along with the astounding panoramic views in the Kaligandaki gorge amidst the

Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains, lies the Kushma’s suspension bridge from where the Bungee Jumping is into operation. The bungee Jumping spot resides in the 520 m. long suspension bridge which connects Kushma of Parvat to the Balewa of Baglung. The total height of Bungee Jumping is 228 m., making it the world’s second-highest natural Bungee jumping paradise. It is the tallest bungee Jumping of Nepal. Kushma Bungee Jump is popular as Asia’s highest natural bungee swing.

Figure 1 Bunjy in Kushma

My Experience

I had been waiting for this thrill for more than a year. In 2019, there was a rumor that world’s second highest Bungee was going to be started in Nepal. As an adventure lover and explorer, for me this was a very big deal. Just imagine, jumping from 228m height in between two hills from a hanging bridge of 520m long!! That is something I would definitely love to experience.

So I waited for this place to come into operation. In 2020, when I was in Amsterdam, I read an article talking about this place again, but this time there was more details and certainty about its operation, the work was in progress and it had stated that, possibly by the end of 2020, it would come into operation. Now I was even more excited, the amusement and excitement inside my heart was beyond the control. 

In 2020 July I flew back to Nepal and immediately after I landed, I headed to Pokhara in search of this place. I only had heard that Kusma lies in short distance from Pokhara. I had no idea where it was located. But I was so excited that I could not think of anything else but to be there. 

When I reached to Pokhara, I stayed in one of the local hotels there and started enquiring about the cliff bungee (That’s the name of the company operating this bungee activities). The people from the hotel told me that it was ready but due to civid 19, it was not into operation and would start from the month of December 2020. I had to return back to Kathmandu that time, but I was determined to experience this thrill. I wanted it so much so I waited. In the month of January, a friend of mine asked me to go there again, as it was in operation by then.

So on 10th January , we headed to Kusma for Bungee.

The Cliff (Kusma Bungee)

As we reached to Kusma after bike ride of 3 hours, on our right there was a parking space and on left, the entry gate. You can book your activity at the gate on arrival, or book in advance. In our case, we had it booked from one of the renowned and emerging travel company Simsime Travels.

As we entered the gate, we were amazed by the scene that came in front of our eyes. The Bridge was one of the longest among I have ever seen in my entire travel experience. And it was definitely the deepest as well. It seemed as if we were walking in the sky, the chill wind touching our hair and the thrill running in our veins, it was absolutely amazing.

On arrival, we were asked to give our weight and company provided us with a T-shirt of the cliff. Afterward, we were escorted to the resort, where we left our belongings in the locker provided. It was also the point where they would form a group and take us to the bungee spot, which is called the cliff capsule. 

Here they harnessed us with all the equipment, short interview was taken. Then we were ready to jump. 

The experience that you have during and before the jump is amazing. Imagine you are in a height of 228m and there is nothing but thrill in front of you. It was beyond the expectations…!

They count to 3 and then I jumped. The free fall was about 4-5 seconds, and I could feel that force of speed in my face. Have you ever imagined how it feels to get so close to death and come back? It was that exact feeling I experienced. And when I returned back, all my stress, frustration and irritation vanished. I was a new person, who was just so happy to be a live and all my thoughts didn’t count anymore.

Indeed that was the best experience you can have in such a limited budget.

Kusma, The Cliff. Yes I DID IT..!!


Price of different activities (Exclusively for Nepalese citizens) 

  1. Bungee or swing: 7500 Nepalese rupees 
  2. Short swing: 250
  3. The cliff accommodation European plan: 3500 per person.
  4. Photo and video shoot during activities: 1500.


Please check out the video:


Text : Binod Khadka