The New Incarnation of "BOUDHA STUPA" 

2nd Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 02 : Innumerous visitors can be found in and around Boudha Nath Stupa who observe and visit it.The reason behind, is that the place that has been victimized by the destructive Earthquake around 1.5 years ago, now has been renovated and re-built up as the Sparkling Token more than ancient one within just a year.

[caption id="attachment_9132" align="alignnone" width="840"] Photo- Skanda Gautam[/caption]

Anything can be said, either BOUDHA has achieved re-INCARNATION or the new life.

Even though,, one who has the showed their love and made the place of faith and belief has got treasure again with the originality.

Nevertheless, those who have been to Boudhanath can never say "Nothing can happen on time in Nepal." This is because it didn't take long to gain it's ancient originality. The only reason is the awareness initiation and hard-working of the local people. The single earthquake shock that made the Swayambhunath area busy and crowd remains as same figure as before even today.

"Who will build Dharahara?" though the question arise no precise answer is available. This has pinched the heart of those who love the heritages of religious, cultural and historical importance.

Even though the governmental support initiate at low pace towards the re-built of the historical monuments, the Boudhanath area development committee has itself rebuilt with the diligent and sedulous. Within 1.5 year of earthquake shock, Boudha has retained its sparkling originality.

The re-incarnated Boudha Stupa has been worshipped pacifically by the religious Boudhha gurus and priests. Onwards, this Stupa not merely stand with the religious and spiritual importance but also has stood as one of the sample of the reflex and immediate re-built.

The new form of this stupa has lured and tempted everyone. Once again this Stupa assures the rise with its importance and pride if it again becomes the core place of the attraction for the bouddha tourists.