The Sushi Bar to provide 10% discount to the costumers of Bank of Kathmandu

11th Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: Bank of Kathmandu Limited and The Sushi Bar Multi-Fusion Cuisine have reached an agreement on discounts on services.

An agreement has been reached to provide a 10 percent discount to the customers of the bank when paying by scanning the QR code from the bank's debit card, credit card and mobile banking.

After the agreement, customers will get a total bill 10 percent discount on all services available at The Sushi Bar.

Customers will have to pay using the bank card and mobile banking to avail the discount. The Sushi Bar Multi-Fusion Cuisine has been providing quality services and facilities to the service recipients from Kathmandu-based Shadow Center, Thamel.

Bank of Kathmandu Limited has been providing excellent banking facilities to its customers from 94 branch offices, 84 ATMs and 10 extension counters.