The tourists don’t know about the local lives of Nepal

5th Oct, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

[caption id="attachment_779" align="alignleft" width="150"]dinesh_tourist_guide_tmail Dinesh Manandhar Tourist guide[/caption]

Please share us about your business.

I got engaged in this tourism business before 15 years ago. But I don’t have office for this business because I do this from my home, through contact. My friends call me if tourists or visitors shows interest to expedite various places. They do so because they are very much impressed with my work. Normally tourists who come here visit and see only those things and place which are mentioned in lonely planet. So the tourists don’t know about the local lives of Nepal. They just see world heritage sites, Living goddess Kumari and others. They only follow lonely planet and they lack many things about Nepal like, how Nepal actuallyis, but me, I take tourists to the local houses, make them taste local food and cuisines, how they live and tell them the real living of Nepalese. They can find European, continental foods in hotels and restaurants.

How is the business at present?

Now, business is going slowly because of this political instability and also it was badly disturbed by the crisis. When there was fuel crisis, most of the tourists here suffered lot as they could not go anywhere.

14212664_518546208336324_5572983688983890391_nWhat kind of services you provide to the tourist who come here to visit Nepal?

The service I give to them is different than other travel agencies. Because in travel agencies, they are office, staffs …everything according to office style. But as I work individually, I have not websites too. So from the recommend of friend to friend, whenever I take them to different place, they are satisfied with me and happy. They recommend me  to their friends so I get the business every year.

So what category of tourist you meet mostly?

Normally, it depends on their holidays. Who have less holiday, like two weeks, they can do just like sightseeing, travel around Kathmandu but those who have been here more than one time, they go for trekking when they come the second or third time.

Why did you choose this business, how do you see the future of this business here?

I love this job and it’s good. We have to be honest and well, tourists will come here again and again seeing the hospitality and service we provide to them. 11391382_1085738798120475_5628052633282030424_n

Although being a Nepali, you must have visited many places here in Nepal. Which place of Nepal you would like to go again?

For me, I prefer the place which is rich in natural beauty. I love to do trekking and being Nepalese, so many people don’t know, how is Nepal, though its not so expensive for Nepalese. I feel like Nepal is very good place and we don’t need to go Switzerland but we can find Switzerland here.

dinesh_tourist_guide_family_tmailWhich season is best for tourist to visit Nepal?

I think its end of August till December. Though December and January, its cold season here, but still tourists do short trekking trip here. Otherwise, September, October, November is the high season here. During the monsoon season, we have fewer tourists.