Thimura Riverside Resort to be established in Bharatpur

1st Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 01: Dr. Pramod Lamichhane and Dr. Bishnu Maya Kharel are going to establish a Thimura Riverside Resort in Bharatpur. Around 35 million is estimated to be invested in the resort. The resort will be operated from January. The construction work has been carried our efficiently.

According to the Dr. Lamichhane, 10 villas and 10 rooms will be constructed in the resort. Halls having capacity of 1000 or 200 is also being constructed. The resort is going to be designed with stones. In one side the visitors can view Narayani River whereas on the other side mountains can be viewed.

Religious tourists are expected to visit this resor as it is situated near Devghat. The resort will have full facility of water and electricity.