Three rare species of birds spotted in Gorkha's community forest

21st Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

GORKHA, Nov 21 : Three rare species of birds belonging to the family of Accipitridae have been reportedly found in a community forest in Gorkha. 

White-Rumped Vulture; Asian Woolyneck Stork and Steppe Eagle have been spotted in the Ludi Damgadhe Community Forest which is home to 99 species (found so far) of birds, claimed the researcher. 

The forest is situated at Ahale of Gorkha municipality-8. During the seven-month long research conducted by Kushal Shrestha and his team recently, spiny babbler, the bird that is found only in Nepal was spotted in the forest. 

Also spotted were Collared Falconet and Lesser Kestrel, which are also endangered species of birds found in Nepal. 

Nepal is home to 886 species of birds and the single community forest in Gorkha is found to be habitat of 99 species which indicates the probability that the district being developed as a center for birds research, he said. 
The team led by Shrestha, the bachelor fourth-year student at the Institute of Forestry, Pokhara campus conducted the research supported by the Chandra Gurung Foundation. 

The forest area spreads to around 300 hectares of land.  RSS