Three- star hotel set to establish in Dhulikhel

27th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

DHULIKHEL, August 27: Dhulikhel, a popular tourist and outing destination for the denizens of Kathmandu valley located in about One Hour Drive is set to welcome its guests with a three-star hotel named “Hotel Mount Hilton”.

Hotel Mount Hilton set to be established in holiday destination in outskirts of Kathmandu (some 30.5 KM distance), Dhulikhel it will see an investment of a property dealer Shreedhurva Prasad Ghimire with estimated investment of 3 billion rupees.

The hotel set to be built is located in Khawa on the border of Panchkhal and Dhulikhel spreading across 184 ropanis (9.4 hectares) of land and will be built at a cost of Rs 2.7 billion.

“We are planning to complete construction of the hotel in two years,” Shreedhurva Prasad Ghimire, chairman of the hotel, said.

Ghimire, promoter of Sumit Housing, is also the owner of Samjhana Cafe in Sundhara. “I decided to enter into hospitality sector following a slowdown in real-estate business,” Ghimire said.

The new hotel intends to create jobs for 400 people. Of these jobs, 25 percent will be provided to locals. “My aim is to raise the income level of locals by purchasing goods they produce,” said Ghimire, adding, “We are exploring possibilities of launching bungee jumping facility as well.”