TIA adding four parking bays within 6 months

20th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 20: Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is constructing four new aircraft parking bays to manage air traffic congestion. The new parking bays will come into operation in the next six months.

Two of the parking bays will be located at the east side of the runway and will accommodate narrow-body aircraft. The other two parking bays will be located at the south side of the airport terminal, and will have the capacity to accommodate wide-body aircraft. “The TIA is facing severe crunch of aircraft parking space leading to delay in departure and arrival of flights,” said Raj Kumar Chettri, the newly appointed TIA general manager. “The new parking bays will help address traffic congestion problems on the ground.”

TIA can currently accommodate nine aircraft in its current parking bays. This space is rapidly becoming insufficient with the recent race of airlines to add new aircraft in their fleets. The heavy air traffic congestion has forced the airport to hold many flights on air each day.

There are also plans to add nine more parking bays on the northern side of the airport under the TIA Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The parking bays under the ADB project will be completed by 2020.

According to Chettri, TIA is also planning to install two new luggage conveyor belts at the international arrival area within a year as the existing conveyor belts have not been able to process passenger luggage efficiently.