Tihar : Laxmi Puja / Gai Puja

7th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU:Laxmi puja is the third day of Tihar.  This day is the most happening day among all the five days of Tihar. This day carries so much of importance as in this day cows are worshipped in the morning and   Goddess of Wealth (Laxmi) is worshipped in the evening.

On this very day Mandala (rangoli) is made and houses are decorated with lights and candles all around. This day is the most important as various religious customs are carried on this day.

On this day in the morning cows are worshipped as cows symbolize fertility and nourishment. Cows are taken as mother who nourishes the other. They are provided with all nutritious food and they have a very high value on this day. Cow dung is used for various works on this day.  After all the worshipping of cows is done, people start preparing for the evening when Goddess Laxmi is to be worshipped.

People start doing a various rituals and children have much more fun playing Bhailo on this day. Children’s dance and sing with joy.  People welcome the Goddess of Wealth doing a lot of pujas. They worship the Goddess so the Goddess blesses them with all the wealth. This day is like the most important day of Tihar.