Timbu Pokhari, a place must to visit

22nd Sep, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

TAPLEJUNG: Bordering Taplejung and Panchthar, Tibu Pokhari is a tourist destination which is gaining the popularity with time.


Beautiful pond on the lap of the Himalayas is able to draw the attention and the attractions of the trekkers as well as the tourists visiting the Eastern Nepal. Anyone who wants to observe the natural beauty of Nepal then Timbu Pokhari will be an excellent place to be.

It takes two days on foot to reach Timbu from Chyangthapu, the starting point of Mid-Hill Highway. The road transportation on this place is unavailable. The people from different places of Eastern region, Kathmandu, India along with other countries come to visit.

TimbuPokhari, also known as Bhishnu Pokhari has ponds, virgin landscapes and tall mountains which attracts many tourists.