Timbung Pokhari : A famous undiscovered religious site

13th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

Timbung Pokhari is situated in the border of Pachthar and Taplejung. We can clearly observe mountains from this place. This place is also famous as religious site. It is situated 4, 480m above from the sea level. The season to travel this place has begun.

This place is famous for its beautiful scenario, religious value, and high altitude. Timbung Pokhari holds a huge tourism potentiality but due to lack of promotion people are still unaware of this place. The season to travel Timbung Pokhari starts from mid of July- mid of September. We can also observe various wildlife animals from this place such as Yak, Tole, Urang, and Sheep. Local resident Krishna Pyakhurel said that it is very difficult to travel in Timbung Pokhari during off seasons. The season from July- September is suitable for the travelers. A trekking route is going to be constructed from Sandakpur- Timbu Pokhari but the work has not been started yet. Budget has already been separated for the construction.