TMM Nepal emerges as new platform in Tourism of Nepal

11th Mar, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

TMM Nepal ( is introduced as a novel platform being a conjunction to the anticipating Travelers outside Nepal and the authorized Travel Service Providers based in Nepal. It aims to provide an opportunity to any travel enthusiasts, Nepalese Diaspora and friends of Nepal abroad to be a virtual travel agent (VTA) and plan a tailored trip packages for anyone they know of, willing to travel to various destinations in Nepal in collaboration with TMM Nepal and it's large circle of tour operators. In this way, the individual can generate some monetized benefits by helping in it’s core goal to promote the tourism in Nepal.

The founder of this novel concept Mr. Deepesh Man Shakya states that TMM Nepal provides a platform that operates in processing every requests from the travelers as per their personal preferences and help in providing them the required packages with the most suitable service provider locally available. This way, the whole process can be tracked and assured that all the packages and it's quoted price are genuine and meet the authorized standards which helps in maintaining the quality of the packages provided. The website of TMM Nepal consists of various holiday and trekking packages, information including things to do and things to see in Nepal along with the details of shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and many more.


Mr. Shakya is absolutely optimistic about the ever growing tourism industry of Nepal and its immense benefit to the country and hopes that this project would be of the essence in sustainable promotion of Nepal all over the world. Mr. Shakya says he has always wanted to introduce a mechanism where tourism promotion is not only done voluntarily but the individuals, business and organizations involved in promoting Nepal can get some monetary benefits in return. This, according to him, is the only way to make the tourism promotion sustainable and hence contribute towards a significant increase in the number of tourists coming to Nepal. TMM Nepal is the platform he has come up with and is just in time for Nepal government’s much anticipated Visit Nepal 2020 campaign which has a mammoth target of achieving 2 million tourists in year 2020.


TMM Nepal has also introduced “Nepal Travel Help desk” mobile phone app, where any user can get a genuine answer to all of their questions related to tourism in Nepal at ease. The app is available at Google play store and Apple app store